PostNL Kerst 2016

Regie: Victor Vroegindeweij Producent: Judith Roosenstein @ Hazazah D.O.P.: Ton Peters Montage: Annelien van Wijnbergen Grading: Captcha

Pickwick Tea Topics

As advertising is in increasing need for more genuine content we, documentary film makers, are ready to deliver. For a while now, we are engaging in advertising projects using our documentary expertise. Today our latest project for Pickwick saw the light. It's a beautiful little series of 3 short docs and 30 second TVC's.

Dir: Victor Vroegindeweij Agency: TBWA Production House: Hazazah Film & Photography

30 Second TVC's:


In this documentary and commercial for XS4ALL, our protagonist decides not to send an email to his brother in Austin but to bring it, following the physical route of the internet. 



4 Commerials for XS4ALL. Agency: N=5

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