For Better Or For Worse


We went to Los Angeles to shoot a documentary/ music video for the Dutch indie band ‘TIKA’. We battled the crazy heat that kept this city in a ferm grip and followed actor Carel Struycken (The Adams Family, Star Trek, Het Paard van Sinterklaas) on his journey from ‘the best that civilisation has to offer’ to the wildest of nature. It took us to the middle of Californian deserts, through mountain ranges and past lakes. FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE is a short documentary disguised as a music video made for the for Dutch indie band Tika, consisting of Moss and El Pino. The film explores the increasing unease many people feel with modern society. This feeling is portrayed through the eyes of ‘giant’ Carel Struycken, who rose to fame by playing iconic freaks in pop culture, such as Lurch in the Adams Family and Mr. Homn in Star Trek. The 63-year-old actor shares his sharp observations regarding the way we live our lives and how we perceive one another.


With Carel Struycken

Directed by Victor Vroegindeweij
Photography Gregg Telussa
Montage: Tim Roza
Assistant: Adriaan van der Polder
Color by MOD Color, Jake Blackstone

TIKA: Marien Dorleijn and David Pino

Made possible with financial support of the Dutch Mediafund / Taxfonds.

Click here for French subtitles.