13 episode documentary series

We believe public transport is one of those places where the condition of a society can be measured. Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands and Europe’s largest port. The city has a large blue-collar population and more than 50 percent of its inhabitants are immigrants. About 30 percent is likely to vote for a right wing political party during elections. This makes Rotterdam the most interesting city, from a filmmaker’s point-of-view, to show the current social condition in The Netherlands – and the RET is maybe the best place to sample this condition. RET asked us to make a 13-episode series showing how the company does not only evolve around its transport systems (buses, subway stations and trains) but most of all around its people.

First episode aired on September 13, 2009.


Directed by Victor Vroegindeweij

Tim Roza

Debbie Klein

Jefrim Rothuizen

Sound recordist
Ton Spruit

Leader design: Waanzee
Color: Raamw3rk
Sound mix: GVS Studio
Producer: Fatusch Productions, Gulay
Orhan, Fatos Cergel, Emine Tekin and Burak Yurdakul.
Broadcast: RTV Rijnmond
Commissioning editor: Cees van der Wel, Judith Barendregt
Status: Broadcasted, re-runs