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Director's treatment

Made to Move

Victor Vroegindeweij


The Drop


The idea is very strong: a drop slowly falling from the forehead, down past the eyes - becoming a tear - and returning into the drop of sweat it always was just before our two athletes burst into action. 

We don’t literally suggest it is a tear, but the viewer might think so, or at least make the association. Its resemblance is enough to pull off the name 'Made to Move', but not so much that it becomes a 'gotcha!' joke. 

I want to focus on the high quality experience of listening to music on Sennheiser headphones, rather then emphasizing her inner world.

At first I thought of adding snippets of memories from her daily life, like bits of a meeting she had last week; her mother correcting her; an applauding audience after a presentation she gave the other night; children's voices... You’re not meant to hear what is said, but you get the idea: her mind is full.

But later on I realized that might be too much. The main characters are moved by the music; thinking of work is not being moved. Also the concept of The Ambiguous Drop is already a lot to take in. 

Less is more.

I suggest we talk further about what's on her mind and what we should do in sound design. I have a few ideas on how to do this.

This is my suggestion on where I think the story might take us. 

The first half of the film is shot in slow motion, ramping up to full speed after the music drops and the athlete bursts into action

The film

Soft, beautiful music starts. We hear distant sounds of a gym.
The camera slides towards the face of a woman. Her eyes are closed. She is sweating and breathing deeply. We can almost feel her healthy energy.

Suddenly, the music changes subtly. 

Cut to a macro close-up drop of sweat on her forehead. 

We hear her heavy breathing. We are inside her head. Here, the sounds of the gym are distant.

The drop, sliding past her eyes, over her cheek.

Music swifts to pre-drop zone.

The drop falls of the chin.

She opens her eyes. 

The bass drops.

The athlete bursts into action. No longer slow motion. The music lives in us and we want to be this healthy and this strong and we want it with these Sennheisers.

Look & Feel


The brief challenges us to find a middle ground between two seemingly opposite aesthetics. We want to build a world that is both athletic-rough - borrowing from the documentary-style aesthetic of classic ads like Under Armor's Rule Yourself with Michael Phelps - and at the same time colourful and fresh - like this Dior Poison ad.

What I would love to do is introduce subtle yet bright color to the essentially rough locations we shoot. 

In short, we combine the aesthetics of these two beautiful films:

The colourful light comes from natural light sources, outside of the frame. Like Neon signs, or streetlights beaming into the gym from the street. This would result in a hybrid between the two styles, creating a strong visual language that stands out in timelines and feeds.

I want to shoot this film in a breathing, documentary style. Seemingly loose, but in reality my work is highly controlled and stylised. I love the idea of bringing documentary - realness - into commercial work.

I want to shoot this film with acclaimed D.O.P.'s Menno Mans, Daniël Bouquet or Thomas Buelens (subject to availability).

We will shoot all frames in 4k so we can easily make 1:1 or vertical framing.

I want to choose rough, cinematic locations for our shoot.




I am aware that the choice of music is extremely sensitive for a high-end headphone film.

One problem, for example is how to communicate quality on sub-standard speakers like on mobile phones etcetera. How do you sell a color television on a black and white set?

Also I am also not sure what group we are targeting, and that influences the choice of music.  

All I want to suggest at this point is to make sure we have a strong 'drop'. So there is a burst in the music that echo's the burst into activity of the athlkete. And I suggest we choose two different musical styles. One EDM and one more classical style of music for example. 

Screenshot 2018-03-16 15.39.56.png


Real athletes. Real people.

I'd love to work with real athletes for this film. They are able to burst into action like no other. Thinking about possible athletes in The Netherlands I thought of these two beauty's. 


Denise Kielholtz is an acclaimed kickboxer who is venturing into Mixed Martial Arts at the moment. She fights for Bellator in the US.

She's beautiful, smart and not too famous.

download (1).jpeg

Harry Lavreysen is an upcoming track cyclist. People whisper he will take home gold at the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

What I like about him is the extreme cycling he does in this clip on the left. Look at these legs! We could shoot this on a Bike Trainer, like in this clip, or in an indoor cycling track. I like both.
He's less of a model then Denise, so we have to see where this takes us.  

But these are just two ideas. I have more. 




We'll make Cinemagraphs with our 4K camera. I think they work best when motion is subtle. 

Like the moving drop. 
Or hair moving in the wind. 
Or a fan in the background.



That's it! We're super excited about your ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us. Looking forward to our next conversation. 

Greetings from Victor Vroegindeweij and your friends - and hopefully soon collaborators -  at Hazazah.