Selling The Union
Selling The Union
Over moderne communicatie, fake news en de Europese Unie



A music video documentary

Tiny Love

Victor Vroegindeweij made a documentary commercial for Italo-Dutch hearing-aid retailer Beter Horen.


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Fighters, lovers, raging bulls


Director Victor Vroegindeweij has been trailing MMA fighter Marloes Coenen for 5 years. A passion project. A love affair. The final scenes of the film will be shot in March 2017, when Marloes will fight for the Bellator Featherweight belt.

The film is produced by Wit Film and will be broadcast at KRO/NCRV. Here are some pictures, shot by wonderful D.O.P. Mick van Dantzig, from our latest trip with Marloes to the Mohegan Sun Hotel & Casino in Connecticut.



We just made 3 docs for Pickwick

Yes, the tea brand



Cedric Price was an eccentric genius who inspired the Millennium Dome, the London Eye and the Pompidou Centre. The Office for Nonfiction Storytelling and Studio Nauta made a Interactive Interview Project called Cedric Price Memory Bank on the Brandy binging, cigar-slinging enfant de terrible of the London architecture scene. 

Besides the website there's an installation that premiered late 2014 in Maastricht at Bureau Europa and is now at display at the Architectural Association. Here's a review of the expo. 

Made by Studio Nauta and ONS for Bureau Europa. 


We specialise in Architecture Films


International Architecture Biennale
Rotterdam: Making City

Feature Documentaries

In 'Far Out' we got to chronicle the life of epic Dutch poet and photo model Frans Vogel.

Watch it here >

'Matthew and me' is our Feature documentary on The controversial
Pentecostal leader Mattheus van der Steen. 


Occasionaly we like to shoot a music video

Ilse de Lange - Hurricane

U-Niq - Wildin' Out

Reverse ft. Idaly - Portemonnee



Chanaika is a children's film about domestic violence 


For Better Or For Worse


We went to Los Angeles to shoot a documentary/ music video for the Dutch indie band ‘TIKA’. We battled the crazy heat that kept this city in a ferm grip and followed actor Carel Struycken (The Adams Family, Star Trek, Het Paard van Sinterklaas) on his journey from ‘the best that civilisation has to offer’ to the wildest of nature. It took us to the middle of Californian deserts, through mountain ranges and past lakes.

FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE is a short documentary disguised as a music video made for the for Dutch indie band Tika, consisting of Moss and El Pino. The film explores the increasing unease many people feel with modern society. This feeling is portrayed through the eyes of ‘giant’ Carel Struycken, who rose to fame by playing iconic freaks in pop culture, such as Lurch in the Adams Family and Mr. Homn in Star Trek. The 63-year-old actor shares his sharp observations regarding the way we live our lives and how we perceive one another.


Five short documentaries for Delta Lloyd 

With the 'Bepaal je eigen koers' campagne Delta Lloyd aims to help people take matters in their own hand. We made short little portraits of inspiring people. A successful professional soccer player that quits the sport and it's millions to become a musician, an HR exec that becomes a TV show host and a chef that closed his 2 Michelin star restaurant to open a simple bistro.

De koers van Ron Blaauw

De koers van Bjorn van den Doelen

A nocturnal TWERK in London

Dutch song. London gals.

After a long night of binging

on Roast Bone Marrow & Parsley Salad, Devilled Kidneys on Toast and Eccles Cake with Lancashire Cheese at St John's Smithfield restaurant we stumbled upon these two devils. 

Edited on iMovie for iPhone with a song from Reverse and Lil' Kleine.