Matthew and me


In Matthew and Me filmmaker Victor Vroegindeweij explores what he, as an atheist, can learn from his friend, the ambitious evangelist Matthew van der Steen. This is he first time that Van der Steen allows the media into his church and personal life.

Matthew van der Steen (37) is a rising star. He is the charismatic minister of the rapidly growing church ‘House of Heroes’ in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, and CEO of TRIN (Touch Reach and Impact The Nations).  This organisation holds prayer healings in Pakistan, India and Myanmar which attract thousands of people. Van der Steen is convinced that God still walks the earth and can cure people from cancer, restore sight to the blind and resurrect the dead through the Holy Spirit. Not everyone is enthusiastic about Matthew and his way of working. Christian organisations and the media criticise his claims. He maintains that gold flowed from his Bible, that he witnessed people in Mozambique raised from the dead and that blind children in Myanmar had their eyesight restored.

Filmmaker Victor Vroegindeweij is a struggling atheist dealing with an anxiety disorder. He wonders whether this disorder was caused by a lack of religion in his life and whether he can find strength in Matthew’s God. He accompanies Matthew to prayer healings and conducts a lot of conversations with the evangelist.

Matthew and Me is a gripping and very personal search into the meaning of life. In addition, the film offers a revealing and unique view into the life of a controversial evangelist and his organisation. 


Directed by:
Victor Vroegindeweij

Ruben van der Hamme

Director of Photography:
Jefrim Rothuizen

Mas van Putten

Sound recording:
Mark Wesner & Rob Dul

Color: Barend Onneweer
Animation: ShoSho
Producer: Margreet Ploegmakers
Production assistant: Bram Bax
Voice-over specialist: Marjolein Bierens
Poster: Thijs van Beijsterveld/ Studio Worldwide
Commissioning editor NCRV: Jelle Peter De Ruiter and Yolande van der Blij
Producers: Monique Busman en Michiel van Erp

Made with financial support of the Dutch Cultural Media Fund.

Studio Max Live